Accept Your Blessing of Unique Contribution

accept your blessing of unique contribution

Blessings already are and always have been there waiting for your acceptance of them.

accept your blessing of unique contribution
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However, blessings must be received, embraced and energetically felt in order to be activated. Recognition and activation of your blessings are the antidote to self-judgment.

The blessing of unique contribution acts as a true north compass point for vocational opportunities.
Your core contribution is your lightest and most joyful self-awareness of your ideas, energetic expressions, and creations that uplift you and inspire others.

To be blessed without fully utilizing the blessing is like having a cow you refuse to milk. For a blessing to be received it must be appreciated, acknowledged and allowed to develop in the form that would be of greatest value to you and humanity. Your contribution is a gift that must be first received before it can be expressed in service to others.

Are you fully receiving this powerful blessing? Every woman and man has the given capacity to feel fully alive in work and in life.

If Divine favor has been invoked on your behalf then who are you to refuse this gift?

When you refuse to receive blessings not only do you block the bounty that could be yours but you also build a wall that keeps prosperity out for those who especially need your special contribution.
What if everything in your life could move from struggle to phenomenal simply by accepting, acknowledging and choosing to live according to your blessings?

The blessing of unique contribution is a twofold blessing: (1) It promises that you are uniquely equipped with the capacity to discover and deliver a unique idea that is your special contribution to humanity. (2) It also promises that you can bring this idea forth and monetize it as your true calling based business.

If you weren’t capable of bringing forth this desire then you would never have recognized the idea in the first place.

Desire for anything is the thing itself in incipiency; that is, the thing you want is not only for you, but has already been started toward you out of the heart of God; and it is the first approach of that thing itself striking you, that makes you desire it, or even think of it at all. Emily Cady

This desire you have – to be free to call your own shots – to be rewarded for simply being you – to be totally alive in your work – do you get that it’s already on its way to you? Do you get that your desires are as unique as your ability to bring them into existence?

If that’s the case it would be pretty silly to continue to search for answers outside of your own knowing.

Your given power to be unique in the marketplace is your special contribution to humanity.

Humanity awaits the expression of your unique talents, gifts, and blessings. When you’re ready to fully acknowledge them and act upon them, all manner of joy, fulfillment, and prosperity comes forth as well.

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