An Abundant Advisor™ is consulted on the ideal client situations he is best equipped to resolve. Here are the client situations I am expertly equipped to resolve.

  • You’re under-earning and/or unfulfilled in your existing practice and want to earn well and be fulfilled.
  • You’re uncomfortable with self-promotion and somewhat resistant to selling/marketing.
  • You don’t always know the best use of your time and resources to build your business.
  • You’re undercharging for your services but fear the consequences of raising your fees.
  • You want the freedom of self-employment but hesitate to start a business but fear the loss of income and security or what others might think of you leaving a well-paying job.
  • You want to start a business but don’t know how to go about it or what business to start.

What if, business ease and prosperity comes to the degree that you follow your own wisdom and create projects that are aligned with your individuality?

As a solo, service provider you are in business for yourself and you appreciate the freedom and flexibility of working solo to build a professional practice that’s aligned with your individuality. You are most likely a consultant, coach, engineer, designer, healer or professional practitioner who aspires to be an Abundant Advisor™.

Tom Voolkar, The Abundant AdvisorI deliver the greatest value to individuals who are walking the same path that I have walked and who share like attributes. We are pioneering, spiritual, optimistic, solo, service providers.

As pioneers, we’re willing and eager to contribute our most distinctively original creations to humanity even while running the risk of our work not being unaccepted.

We’re spiritual because we’re willing to create what’s most meaningful. We’re inclusive, and open to any possibility or method to discover what works well.

We’re optimistic and perpetually enthusiastic about our odds to the point of being unaffected by missing the mark.

We are champions of authentic commerce because we strongly stand for glorious fulfillment and rich financial rewards.

If this describes you I’d be honored to guide you to build your business.

The Abundant Advisor ™ is a business decision-making firm serving optimistic, spiritual, pioneering, solo, service providers offering business start-up and business growth advisory services. Unlike small business development centers, we focus on aligning the business with the founder’s individuality which ensures both fulfilling work and rich financial reward.

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