Why are you afraid to end an unfulfilling relationship?

unfulfilling relationships

This one is for you if you’ve stuck with an unfulfilling relationship or a deadening  job.

unfulfilling relationships
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Why are you afraid to end it?

I have firsthand knowledge of this fear. I used to be a not-think-about-the-hard-things kind of guy. So I stayed in a less than fruitful marriage nine years too long. Then I stayed with two other unfulfilling relationships three and four years too long.

I used to lie to myself doggedly insisting that my optimism would pull things out and all would be well.

But I was afraid.
• I was afraid to be alone.
• I was afraid to put myself out there once more.
• I was afraid that splitting up would cost too much in emotional pain, hardship and money.
• I was afraid that I’d never meet someone who would love and respect me for who I am.

Fear bolsters a belief in scarcity so much that it blinds us to seeing abundant possibilities.

But here’s the raw truth. All those fears are lies.

Whether it’s romance or work the quality of any relationship is measured by the distance or nearness of connection in that relationship.

Deliberately staying in a draining relationship (of any kind) is the epitome of self-dishonor. You know the quality of connection in all of your relationships.

So if this applies to you please ask yourself.

For what reasons am I really staying in this deadening existence if I know it’s killing my spirit?

It’s hard to love yourself when you are not honoring yourself. So before you end it – get really clear. Your inner wisdom is waiting to guide you.

Begin by telling the whole truth to yourself about all of your relationships. Even if you are the only one who hears this truth it will eventually snowball and set you free.

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