Claim Your Unique Brilliance

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When you claim your unique brilliance you get closer to doing what you came here to do.

I wondered if you’d read this one. It’s a very good sign that you are because it proves that you know that there is something very special and brilliant about you.

I’ve been working on bringing up the core you since 1998, and there are many approaches that will give you a glimpse of your uniqueness but none is quicker than this one.

Stop judging yourself completely!

Judging yourself is like trying to use a flashlight in pitch dark without batteries. Without illumination darkness is total.

But when you let go of all judgments it creates the space in your awareness for the light of other possibilities to show up.

Stop all self-judgments.  I mean all and that includes every non-flattering story you tell yourself about yourself, your talents, your looks, your health, your business, your money, everything.

What might your life be like if you eliminated all self-judgment? Get a feel for that right now. It feels good to imagine being judgement-free doesn’t it?

Self-judgment includes all fixed opinions and conclusions we make about ourselves that are charged past the point of being emotionally neutral. If it feels even a tiny bit unsettling then it’s a judgment that is limiting your capacity to create something different.

Judgment is a conclusion that allows no other possibility other than the definition of that judgment. To claim your brilliance you must see yourself in this non-judgmental light.

What if as long as you judge yourself, in any way, you’re giving yourself no other choice but to be that way?

How about we quit rationalizing and fooling ourselves once and for all?

It’s nearly impossible to change something while judging it.  But from the space of judging nothing you can change anything.

Yes, anything is possible but only if the judgment isn’t blinding you to the possibilities.

So what can you use to replace judgment? Self-praise works, so does gratitude, self-love, and sincere curiosity.

When you proactively ask possibility questions you create space to realize and claim your unique brilliance.  Try these. Just ask them and let them simmer. If you try to answer them your ego may take control and begin judging your or the possibility before it even sprouts.

In what ways could I treat myself with kindness, caring and respect today?

What if flipped every single conclusion that limits me, into a question that frees me?

Who have I not allowed myself to be that is the core reality of me?

What doing inspires the core brilliance of me to simply be?

What would my life be like if I always saw myself as the gift I truly am?


All friction is created from an unwillingness to change or from an unwillingness to become aware of change. At the root of all friction is an unwillingness to receive a way of being or an awareness of possibilities. – Gary DouglasJudgment blocks awarenees and more desireable possibilities to change.

Allowance is neither reacting nor agreeing. It’s just receiving a judgment without emotion. Allowance gives space for change and other possibilities.

Catching and eliminating your self-judgments

  • Increase your awareness of the thoughts you have about yourself.
  • When one feels heavy; it’s likely a self-judgment.
  • Note it and bring it to neutrality by asking. “Do I know this to be absolutely true?”
  • Or make note of it and say. “Interesting point of view, that I have that point of view. Is this a conclusion I want to cement as true?”

Write and tell me how you feel after asking these. By doing so you’ll allow us both to feel the glory of you being you.

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