Different is More Valuable than Better

different is more valuable than better

Being different is more valuable than being better.different is more valuable than better

When you try to build a better service you open yourself up to being compared with others who are offering the same service.

Commodities are compared and as such they are bought by comparing finite concepts like time and money. That’s just not a good place to be.

I guide optimistic, spiritual, pioneering service providers to build richly rewarding businesses that honor their individuality. When you read that description it either fits for you or it doesn’t.

You either care about being deeply fulfilled and richly rewarded for being all of who you are or you don’t.

Commodities are compared. Experts are sought after.

Being a peerless, distinctive expert positions you to deliver the greatest possible value to the client, holistically, financially, spiritually and relationally. Different is more valuable than better because it’s one -of-a-kind and what’s rare is always more valuable. 

Commodities do transactions. Experts build relationships.

By repeatedly solving the same expensive problems your actual expertise grows, making you more valuable.

When you are all things to all people you get paid to do the things that you can do. Instead of doing the one core thing you were put on this earth to do.

When you work with clients who are not in the situation where you can deliver your best results you waste your time and their money.

By setting yourself apart from others you decrease comparison while increasing your perceived value in the marketplace. Differentiation makes you unique and memorable in your client’s minds.

Success comes to those who are distinctive. I’ve recorded eight short audio lessons on Being Distinctive.  Download them here.

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