Eight Accountability Agreements You’re Probably Missing

accountability agreements

Accountability agreements are the backbone of effective coaching and if you don’t have a coach you’re probably missing them.

accountability agreements
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When you look at these eight accountability agreements imagine the progress you could make with an experienced advisor in your corner.

The number one benefit nonclients miss from not working with me is the incredible advantage of choosing and completing strategic agreements.

Everyone I work with wants something they don’t have and the surest route to getting it is to make agreements, with themselves, that create expansive energy, movement, and fresh perspective. These aren’t my agreements. I only suggest them and act as an accountability partner.

Accountability agreements when honored always bring up further insights and choices that speed progress towards the desired objective. Keep reading for examples of the kinds of agreements you’re probably missing.

  1. Awareness agreements cause you to observe what you’re thinking and saying so you can catch yourself and replace limited, automatic thoughts with enlightening ones.
  2. Energetic agreements cause you to proactively connect to inspiring and expansive possibilities that create uplifting and confident feelings.
  3. Mindset agreements shift how you interpret and respond to situations.
  4. Language agreements replace deadening, restrictive language with more open and receptive phrases.
  5. Exercise agreements are often discovery tools to stimulate new realizations.
  6. Commitment agreements are sacred and designed to enforce consistently desired behavior.
  7. Decision agreements are specially structured to increase options and make tough decisions no-brainers.
  8. Action agreements are all about doing the next optimum step to reaching your objective.

Each agreement naturally comes up in the moment during the coaching session. Nothing is pre-determined because each coaching experience is customized to give each individual the greatest possible movement.

My job as the coach is to be an active, intuitive listener so that I can catch the need for each agreement and suggest it.  As the client, you always have the right to say no thank you or suggest an alternative.

In my 17 years of coaching, I’ve been coached by 7 different coaches.  Working with a coach is tremendously fulfilling because you get to repeatedly honor your most optimum path. Knowing that you are no longer dodging anything is an incredible feeling.

For now, I’m offering these no-obligation sessions so you can experience agreement-making at its finest. Any situation can be improved regardless of how long it’s been or how down you might be. Help is here – take it!




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