Going Solo Gives You an Incredible Marketplace Edge

the advantages of going solo

Going solo as an Abundant Advisor™ gives you a huge advantage over employees and organizations.  Being self-employed and on your own gives you the most precious gift of all – autonomy.

the advantages of going solo
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Being able to call one’s shots completely is heaven for those of us who excel at being our own authority.

If you are still working for someone else just imagine this scenario.

You work when you want to, with whom you want to, on what you want to for as long as you want to.  Working in any way less than that sometimes feels like slavery.

Let’s look at three powerful benefits of going solo that cannot be fully enjoyed as an employee.

Individuality – Self-employment is made for those of us who want to be authentically pure. The world is coming around as well. There is increasing demand for incomparable, distinctive experts in every field.  Standing out from the crowd is a differentiating, competitive advantage.

Flexibility – Working for yourself you can change your approach, direction, and service on a dime. Heck, you can change your mind without losing much momentum at all. Versatility is your constant companion. If something no longer holds a positive charge for you there is no one telling you that you can’t do what you truly know is best.

Responsibility – It’s so easy to play the paralyzed victim when you’re an employee. You can always blame a lame policy, a co-worker or an idiot boss for screwing things up. But what if you own the joint?  Who’s to blame then? You own it all including the consequences for every decision.  Isn’t that sweet? It’s wonderfully freeing to realize that there is no one to blame and you truly realize that you are always creating your own destiny.

I understand that if you haven’t yet made your move, going solo and declaring your freedom can be scary. That’s why I’ve dedicated my work to helping you make the transition.

Are you ready to dip your toe in the water? Let’s talk.

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