Having Your Own Back

mirror work to have your own back
mirror work to have your own back
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Having your own back is the surest route to unconditional support.

In our educational system, we’ve been set up from the beginning to please others. We’ve been encouraged to go along with the crowd and not to rock the boat. But that only works for those who choose to remain a part of the system.

That’s not you, is it? You recognize how stifling living a life according to the wishes of others can be.

You might recognize that on one hand but then on the other, you still crave acceptance and recognition from others. I did it for years as a sales person who lapped up praise like an abandoned dog only to discover repeatedly that other given praise is conditional and temporary.

What if self-acknowledgment is the only kind of validation that truly satisfies?
Who else knows you better than you know yourself?
Who could possibly be aware of your honest intentions?
Who but you dares to ponder your special dreams and desires?
Isn’t it time to start giving yourself what you’ve been craving from others?
You have an unlimited reserve of unconditional love and who better to give it to than you?

Why be so stingy with yourself? Being stingy is just a belief you picked up along the way. Being stingy is not what your heart wants for you.

What if you simply started appreciating yourself just for being alive? What if you didn’t have to prove anything to receive divine validation as the special being that you are?

You don’t really have to do anything other than being willing to connect with yourself with appreciation for all the life you’ve lived.

What’s the best tool to jumpstart your self-acknowledgment? Mirror work is remarkably powerful.
Nobody loves you like you can. Nobody can encourage you like you can. No one can accept and appreciate all of your wonderful little quirks like you can.

It’s my hope that you take a deep breath now and go to your mirror. Tell yourself that all is well because you have your back and you’ll never be alone again.

Sorry to burst your bubble but no one cares about you as much as you do. No one else really knows what makes you special. Even well-meaning advice is only someone else trying to help you through the experience of what worked for them.

Can you see how ridiculous it is for us to seek meaning from others regarding our own experience? Can you see how havign your own back is the surest route to feeling unconditional support?

How might your life be different if you trusted yourself to understand what’s really going on with you?
The mirror works because of the sacred sincerity that’s present when one looks deeply into ones’ own soul.

Who else can do that for you without agenda? Even our closest romantic partners can’t help but consider themselves in the picture.

This is really powerful stuff. Loving yourself unconditionally just for being here and not doing anything is the missing piece we’ve all been searching for.

I get it. You may more identify as a human doing than a human being but eventually, you’ll tire of doing things to impress others.

Let me tell you the truth. There’s no one looking. There’s no one to impress. Isn’t it time to start living vibrantly by actually feeling the life force energy that blesses your being?

You aren’t your past. You aren’t your experience. You certainly aren’t your thoughts.

You are an incredible being who only wants to be accepted and loved for who you really are.
But you’re the only one who can give you what you need to feel whole. So now what are you going to do?

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