How to Make That Big Decision You’ve Been Avoiding

make that big decsion

How do you know when you’re ready to make that big decision?

make that big decsion
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“We all have a major decision to make that we aren’t making.” ~ Ian Percy

What is it for you? Being radically honest with myself, I can always see something that I’ve been hesitant to consider.

When we know a decision is necessary and don’t decide, lots of energy gets swept away in needless battles with our subconscious mind.

My business startup clients often have many big decisions to make.
• When to quit the job?
• What’s absolutely necessary to get started?
• Which business to start?
• Which ideal clients to attract?
• Which marketing tactics to master?

Many of my clients have found that once they make that big decision another one surfaces. But because their perspective has changed the subsequent decisions aren’t’ as challenging.

Use these nine, repeatedly proven decision-making truths to guide your decision.

Decision-Making Truths
1. You know much more about what you want than you think you do.
2. You’re closer to choosing than you think you are.
3. You’re better equipped to follow-through than you think you are.
4. If wanting to start a new business or new project, there’s a very good chance that one of the possibilities you’ve already thought of is close to your true calling and/or ideal business building option right now.
5. The closer you come to developing a business that honors your core makeup, the easier it will be for you to follow-through and persist because sales and marketing will be more of a natural extension of your eagerness.
6. The best decision for you at this time respects both your natural gifts and your life experience.
7. Regardless of time, money or situation, you can find a way to make your move, which does not risk your resources but does honor your desires.
8. You are the best judge of what’s right for you.
9. By taking a leave-no-stone-unturned approach your natural confidence will guide you. The best way to consider all possibilities is to ask really good open-ended questions.

Here are three of my favorites. Ask them for a week, without answering them. You may be amazed at the choices that come to you.

What’s right about this I can’t yet see?
What am I avoiding that I really could be choosing?
What possibilities exist far beyond what I’ve ever imagined?

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