Individuality Is a Cure for Overwhelm

Individuality is a cure for overwhelm
Individuality is a cure for overwhelm
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Individuality is a cure for overwhelm because when you choose based on your own preferences clarity and confidence wipe out the fog. Overwhelm happens when you try to run a business to standards that are not your own.

Success comes to those who run their own race, at their own pace, on their own track.

Anyone online these days is presented with an overwhelming number of choices that all look good. Yet not one of them is an ideal fit for who you are. At best most choices document what worked well for others.

But if you truly want rich rewards and deep fulfillment you’ve got to choose a path from within. That’s the only way to know that it’s yours.

You’ve got to first trust your own preferences and desires as true for you. How can you do that? Ask this question and sit with it for a week. Just keep asking it. By doing so you’ll begin to let go of all the ways that are not originally your own.

Where am I trying to fit into or live up to others people’s standards, rules, and expectations?
Gradually you’ll quit searching out there for the answer and come to realize that you’ve always known your true path.

Overwhelm really slams into us when we are constantly trying to be something that we are not. It’s physically and mentally exhausting to wear a mask and emotionally crippling as well. But when you ask this question and quit trying to be what you’re not the overwhelm fades and your energy is restored.

Now you can ask this question and follow the answer.

What’s one small change I could make today that would honor me as an individual?

Make that change and you’ll be off on the one true path to success.

If you aren’t sure and need some help you can schedule a Focused Friday session. I’ve learned how to guide you to your path in ways that work for you. It’s my pleasure to do so.

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