Champion Your Inner Child

inner child

Your inner child is calling the shots when you feel like life sucks and then you die.

inner child
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I don’t know who coined this hopeless viewpoint but I suspect it was the same guy who first answered the how you doing question with same old, same old.

Yesterday I experienced one of those slow and dark days. I tried coffee, a nap, meditation and feeling my feelings but nothing worked to pull me out of my funk.

What finally worked was for me to have a session with Little Tommy. For me to feel as down as I felt I knew he must have been going through a very tough time.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried reassuring your little guy or gal within but if you aren’t you’re missing out on one of life’s most illuminating and freeing experiences.

Inner child work recognizes that the drama and emotional pain we experience as adults are triggered by the conditional imprinting we got slammed with as kids. Until you do the work to bring up and feel those emotions, Little Meg or Little Billy will remain in power calling the shots of your life.

This connection is what victims just don’t get.  Random misery is how they experience life when they don’t accept responsibility for everything that personally occurs.

No wonder life seems so unfair to them. When you’re in the habit of blaming others for your misery you are powerless to do something about it. These same folks dig themselves an even deeper hole by attempting to sedate or control their uncomfortable feelings.

Until I really got this I used distractions and substances of every sort just so I would not have to feel the darker moments of the human experience. But the only way out of this self-created mess is to go in and give your inner child what she never got as a child. Sure you’ll cry a lot but what wonderful tears they are.

For most of us, it’s just recognition that we crave. If you want to give yourself this gift then ask your little gal or guy this question. What do you want that you never got growing up? Then let her know that you’re strong and big now and she’ll never be emotionally lacking again.

I pulled out of my temporary funk by loving Little Tommy without condition. When the fear and anger surfaced we held onto each other and felt it fully. I then thanked him for hanging in there and knowing that optimism is a choice.

Life is good and flows forever.

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