Choose the Key to Success

your key to success is your one core thing

your key to success is your one core thingHave you ever had an idea that you just can’t let go of and you’re convinced that it’s the key to success?  Here is mine.

Of all the things you could do there is one thing that you have the natural capacity to do more distinctively than anyone else.

That one core thing is elemental to your nature and allows you to come into your own while standing out.

Consistently expressing this one thing, in a way that others desire it, is essential to enjoying fulfillment and prosperity simultaneously, essentially the key to success.

I believe in you so much that I’m driven to validate your uniqueness regardless of your belief in yourself.

That’s why I keep tooting the differentiation horn.  I‘ve seen no other theory that makes sense to explain the differences that make each individual unique.

You are amazing! Nothing can change that. Someone out there craves your special take, your unique approach or your distinct views.

Identifying your one core thing is the key to success.

The key to success is right there waiting to be awakened. Your life has shown you threads of enthusiasm that you can follow.

Maybe it’s something to do with the last time you felt on top of the world. What were you doing then? I bet it’s related somehow.

Perhaps it’s connected to that project or idea for a business that once got you so excited that you couldn’t sleep. Remember that idea?

Sometimes the idea is spot on but you just need help crafting the language in a way that attracts.

Take this to heart. You’re brilliant! Never stop pursuing your dream. Don’t die with your song unsung. These aren’t just clichés. They are truths designed to remind you of what you already know deep within.

You’re here for a reason and that reason is, to in some meaningful way, bring relief, resolution or joy to a special slice of humanity.

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