Make a Sustainable Fresh Start in 2017

make a fresh start

You’ll make a sustainable fresh start in 2017 if you accept as truth and embrace what I’m about to share.

There are no accidents, coincidences, lucky breaks or right timing.

make a fresh start
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There is only what you’ve already experienced and how you respond to repeat experiences. Repeat experiences are either the past attempting to hijack your present (guided by your limited beliefs) or Life giving you an opportunity for a fresh start. The choice is yours.

The Universe has no choice but to persistently deliver repetitive experiences (disguised in new wrappings) in an effort to get you to embrace what you’ve previously resisted and run from.

Once you understand this and really get that every experience, good, bad and ugly is truly an opportunity for you to choose something radically different from what you’ve already chosen, be it consciously or subconsciously.

Everything that occurs in your life is relevant, valid and absolutely required to give you the opportunity to embrace it so that it will no longer repeat itself.

Thus everything that happens to you is an intelligent and intentional experience that’s been specially designed for you.

“Appreciation is to lovingly make more of something by seeing and acknowledging the value of it through unconditional felt-attention.” ~ Michael Brown

Brown’s saying that whatever appears it’s necessary for you to look at it, and feel the energy of it, while not judging or resisting it in order to change it.

The New Year is an ideal time to make this big, new difference in your life and business because it’s aligned with fresh start energy and new beginnings.

The choice is yours. Seize it.



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