Negative Questions Do Not Increase Understanding

asking negative questions

Have you found yourself repeatedly asking these types of negative questions about your life

asking negative questions
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  • Why am I like that?
  • Why do I repeatedly get the same results no matter what I try?
  • What’s wrong with me?

Stop asking these types of negative questions immediately. They are a fruitless search.

These questions make the false promise that if you could just understand yourself better then you could fix what’s holding you back or tripping you up.

Seeking self-understanding for negative characteristics doesn’t work because your challenges go deeper than understanding. Understanding implies that you’re facing a mental challenge that can be solved by your mind.

But there are three good reasons why your mind doesn’t cooperate.

  1. Your mind wants to protect the status quo and will resist any suggested change.
  2. Your mind isn’t capable of emotional processing because it thinks; it does not feel.
  3. Cognitive processing can only come up with solutions based on your past experience and if you knew the solution you would have already chosen it.

The root of your frustration and discomfort is emotional instability and the only way to enjoy emotional balance is the direct experience of feeling what you’ve been trying not to feel.

Pain, discomfort and fear are gifts signaling you to simply be so that the feelings can actually be felt. In fact, these gifts are required so that you can wake up to the necessity of feeling what you’ve been avoiding.

Once you routinely start to feel whatever is coming up for you’ll find that the mental stories and the frustration of asking negative questions begin to fall away replaced by empowering feelings of peace and well-being.

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