Self-Doubt Creates Confusion and Uncertaintly

Self-doubt creates uncertainty, confusion and distrust in one’s own capacity.

doubting self
ambroo / Pixabay

Once evolved beyond blaming anyone or anything you can look in the mirror and accept responsibility.

Then the uncertainty, faithlessness, fear, confusion and distrust that comes from self-doubt fades.

I’m coming to see that all doubt is self-doubt and that all self-doubt begins as an excuse that spins itself into a story.

When facing a big decision you may not like hearing that truth but I’m speaking to you because you’re ready.

This comes up often with coaching prospects that in spite of a big desire to change hesitate to get started. They can clearly see the upside to make the changes but as long as self-doubt is prevalent there isn’t enough energy to make the leap.

So what is self-doubt? It’s a made up condition based on a false story.

It’s not real because it’s created by your conditioned self. Your conditioned self is not really you, it’s actually the least real version of you since it’s based on other people’s judgement of your capabilities that you have accepted as true.

This not-self is a cheapened version of you lacking confidence and clarity.

Yet deep down beyond the bull you know your capabilities.

That’s why your hesitation hurts so much. You really care about the changes you want to make and you care because they’re so meaningful.

But even beyond the changes themselves we get to the deeper issue of authenticity.

Will you stand tall and walk through this world as the competent individual that you know you are or will you cave in, give up and be someone less?

Remember; every experience that comes your way is valid and required for you to be you.

But if you allow doubt to spin a story that stops you from choosing, well then you have really chosen to be less.

You have chosen to be one of those pitiful individuals who seldom take the action that they know would change everything. You aren’t that. You’re much better than that and now is the time to prove it.

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