Trying to Be Perfect is a Waste of Energy

trying to be perfect doesn't work

Have you every found yourself trying to be perfect and not knowing why?trying to be perfect doesn't work

This insight suddenly came to me last week when I was coaching yet another client struggling with moving forward because her project didn’t seem ready or good enough for others to see.

Making a public declaration of an original creation can be frightening. It’s really putting you out there and that drives you to a state of trying to be perfect.

But she couldn’t have made that not ready judgment if she hadn’t first judged herself and her capacity to deliver value.

We dug deeper because something wasn’t sitting right with that explanation.

Always keep digging when your explanation sounds like an excuse.

Her excuse sounded like a justification she may have picked up from someone else.  That’s what sparked my new realization on what often (maybe always) causes us to hold back until something doesn’t seem perfect.

Perfectionism comes from perpetually trying to perfect something you’ll never be able to because it’s not originally yours.  You keep at it because it doesn’t feel right and it doesn’t feel right because it’s not yours.

It’s challenging (perhaps impossible) to feel alive, energized and focused when creating a bastardized version of someone else’s brilliance.

We struggle to perfect ideas and concepts that aren’t originally our own.

Think back, what were you doing or working on when you last felt alive, fortunate and focused?

I’m betting you were working on an original pursuit. That on-top-of-the-world feeling doesn’t often visit copycats and mimics.

It’s clear that the Universe supports expansive energy.

Expansive energy is most readily created and felt when considering new and original possibilities with unlimited upsides.

The parts of your life that are working well are where you have allowed your core self to guide you in the choices you’ve made.

The parts of your life where you struggle are where you aren’t yet fully authentically present. It’s there that you believe in justifications and conclusions that are not originally your own.

Self-judgment creates separation from your original core being.

It creates confusion, dilutes your originality and causes you to try to mimic others in an effort to understand.

That causes you to follow viewpoints strongly held by others and when you do so you abandon your own innate wisdom.

Your energetic aliveness is a far more accurate indication of what will work for you than any outside opinion.

What if the only thing that causes delay, suffering and struggle is separation from the true you?

You can join this transformative small group if you want to choose what’s most valuable to others and most original to you.

Energized focus comes to those who honor themselves by choosing to blaze their own trails in pursuit of original contributions

Oh and my client? She got off the phone enthused by agreeing to answer this question. What are all the things I could add or change to make this creation truly my own?

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