Understanding Client Attraction

understanding client attraction

Here’s the scoop on understanding client attraction. Let’s say you want more clients than you have. Everything in you screams that you need to take action to go and get them.

So you grudgingly suck it up and take some action. You might send a bunch of eunderstanding client attractionmails to folks you kind-of-know on social media. You send follow-up emails to those who almost hired you sometime in the past. You suck it up and even make some phone calls, even though you hate it.

But does it work? Nope! Not anymore.

I used to believe this dated maxim. “Follow-up is where the money is.” It’s sometimes true for professional sales reps who aren’t actually delivering the service they’re selling. Grinding it out is expected of sales reps.

But not for you, you’re the expert delivering the service. As a solo service provider who wants to be a trusted advisor, following-up only pushes them away. What you chase runs.

Unfortunately, the need that urged you to act is received as desperation by your prospective clients.

Logic & Reason Do Not Work

Understanding client attraction fully is necessary to actually attract. Client attraction seems crazy because logic and reason don’t work to attract. Folks don’t seem to want you to convince them. They are more attracted to you when you don’t need any clients.

It’s rare to be in demand and not have room for new clients. If they can’t get it and want it they are attracted to it. We all put a higher value on what’s hard to get.

Prospective clients prefer to come to you on their own when they’re ready. They’ll feel when it’s the right time for them and you making a logical case falls on deaf ears.

So what can you do if you want clients but don’t want to chase them away?

Why don’t you ponder that one? Next post I’ll share some ideas on what does work, sometimes.

I’m writing this on a sunny 65 degrees in Pittsburgh an hour away from teeing off. I’m brimming over with gratitude for you and your continued interest reading these messages and for the sun that warms me unconditionally.

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