Universal Wisdom Empowers You

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What if you already are blessed with Universal wisdom and empowered to be all that you hope to be?  Universal wisdom is innate wisdom that’s the same as Divine Intelligence.  You can tap into this wisdom and claim your rightful b place among the empowered.
“You can’t outperform your state of mind. Confident is something you naturally are when you aren’t doing anything else in your head.” Mara Gleason

But how often are our minds clear of thought? Simply allowing thoughts to flow freely in and out of our minds is best practice for achieving the mental state of peak performance because when not engaged in thinking inherent universal wisdom can unfold.

Infinite Intelligence cannot bless you with innate wisdom while your mind is clogged with thought.

You’ve experienced a bolt of inspiration right out of the blue, haven’t you? When does it most often come? When you aren’t otherwise engaged in thinking I bet. Universal timing isn’t up to us. The only thing we can do is pre-pave the way by clearing our minds.

Wisdom comes out of the blue and it also comes from a change in perspective. One of the hallmarks of my work with clients is to insist that they honor the agreements that they make with themselves.

Honoring accountability works in two ways.
1. The completion builds confidence while releasing over-thinking.
2. The change in perspective invites insights that you couldn’t previously see without honoring the agreement.

Insights since come directly from Universal wisdom and often carry an expansive energy that builds momentum. So just by keeping an agreement, you put yourself in a position to invite unconditioned wisdom.

I’ve experienced just one other way that always works. Psalm Isadora is a tantric sex teacher who has developed this very powerful breathing exercise.

It’s my go-to technique when I’m resisting work and stuck in my thinking. Give it a try and tell me how it made you feel.

You’ll likely feel alive and empowered and that my friend is your natural state of being.

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