Bottom Line Value

Working together, you’ll discover and express what’s unique and personally meaningful about you that your ideal clients find most valuable and irresistibly attractive.

Open, and optimistic solo service providers get the greatest value from working with me.

If you already have a business you’ll change from:

  • Under-earning and/or unfulfilled to being prosperous and enjoying your work.
  • Being uncomfortable with self-promotion and marketing-resistant to eagerly engaging a marketing system that works for you.
  • Being confused about how to build your business to always knowing what works best for you.
  • Undercharging for your services to being confident about delivering great value for a premium fee.

If you want to start a business you’ll change from:

    • Fearing the loss of income and security to confidently launching the ideal business for you.
    • Not knowing which business to start or how to start it to boldly launching the business that best fits your individuality.

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Tom employs a unique blend of mind-opening questions and down-to-earth direction. jennifer216x292Through this process, I dreamed big and then immediately learned how to connect my dreams to concrete processes!

Jennifer Wenzel


Working with Tom, I have clearly defined and now own my most valuable selling point. It is the foundation of my business.

Priscilla Robinson

Tom helped me realize that a spiritual practice can be a business, that there are peopleIrina Grundler who need my services and that I should be applying certain marketing tools. Defining who my ideal clients are and how I can help them was a great way to organize my thoughts and strategy.

Irina Grundler

Tom Volkar is an excellent business coach. I was looking for a real-world approach from anShannon Gregg unbiased source on how to improve myself and my work output, and after 6 months of coaching from Tom, I am so much stronger for it! Tom’s “agreement-based” approach allowed me to push to the core of myself to find areas to improve.

Shannon Gregg

Following my work with Tom, I was easily able to project the power and value of what weEric Zydel had to offer to the marketplace. I was able to fearlessly raise my rates and actually turned business away for the first time ever!

Eric Zydel

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